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Visit Us!

Rules of the House

1. From 11am to 12pm Monday through Friday there are no children under 16 allowed. The rest of the day and all weekend they are welcome! This small time slot is meant for seniors and those with sensory issues who need a quieter environment to feel comfortable visiting with the kitties too. We want everyone to feel welcome!

2. Socks are REQUIRED - shoes can not be worn and no bare feet. If you forget to bring socks, they can be purchased for $3 a pair at the cafe.

Note: If you are disabled and have a wheelchair or cannot be without shoes due to medical reasons, we still want to include you! Please contact us via phone or Facebook messenger to make arrangements beforehand.

3. No yelling or running around. Parents, please keep an eye on your young ones! We don't want to scare the kitties or accidentally hurt them.

4. Only one person at a time in the zero-gravity and egg chairs. We don't want any injuries as a result of misuse.

5. Leave sleeping kitties to rest. They get cranky if we wake them, the same as humans do! We try to respect their space - this is their home we're walking into.

6. Do not pick up the kitties. If they want to be held, they will let you know by crawling into your lap or arms themselves.

Failure to follow these few rules we have may result in you being asked to leave - we have to keep you and the kitties safe.

Reservations & Pricing

Reservations can be made via our online form. Reservations are NOT required, just preferred. Walk-in visits are totally welcome!

The cost to visit is as follows...

Adults: $12

Students: $8

Seniors: $8

Veterans: ALWAYS FREE! We appreciate your sacrifice greatly.

Visits are 1-hour in length and include 1 free drink!

Monthly and yearly packages, which are unlimited visits for their specified time-frame, are available!

Monthly: $50

Yearly: $400 - contributing yearly gets your name on our sponsor wall!

(These packages do not include the free drink that goes with an hourly visit.)

Food, Drink, and Goodies Galore

We have lots of delicious options for you to choose from!

Hand-crafted items include coffee, tea, and boba tea - $3.50 each.

Cake, cheesecake, and danish - $5 each.

Pop and water are also available.

Please also visit our shop with items from local artisans! Items include popcorn, maple syrup, candles, cups, cards, crochet animals, freeze-dried candies, t-shirts, crystals, jewelry, collars and other supplies for your cats, toys and figures, and much, much more! Support local.

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